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Part -Time External Registration for PhD Programs in India | PhD degree
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Part Time External Registration PhD Programs
If you are a student and after finishing your master's you plan to continue your education or you are a businessman and want to remain competitive in a fast moving business world then you may find it necessary to advance your studies up to the PhD level.
Many professionals or students like you are not prepared to become uprooted from their families and move to new places due to financial restraints and family responsibilities.
In the same way many colleges have PhD programs that are provided only to the full-time students. At that time it becomes very difficult for a working professional to attend classes because mostly they are scheduled during the working hours.
But thanks to the part – time programs because of this you can earn a PhD degree in a part - time program. You can study without giving up on your family or full time job because these part time classes can be taken at any time of the day. These part time programs do not reduce the admission standards for PhD course. offers world class PhD programs in Economics, Management, Accounting, Engineering, Commerce and Computer Sciences in India.

We are the pioneers in the field of PhD and research for past 32 years. Our distinguished professors are from well known universities with UGC Major Research project work experience.

We are a group of researchers backed with rich experience in the field of research in alliance with eminent scholars to extend support to those who are interested in original research with a real talent for research. We do not support plagiarism. Our aim and objective is to help you by every means to prepare your thesis on your own. We use latest software to verify plagiarism in thesis writing. We are approved consultants for research in India and abroad.

We Stand For
*Contribution of pure research that could benefit the society and community.
*Assisting you in the preparation and editing of your PhD thesis through out your PhD program.
*Finding a suitable guide for you.
*Finding the right university for you

We Stand Against
*Against any unethical way of preparing a thesis.
*Against plagiarism

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